Having the Right Contracts for Clients and Contractors

Having the Right Contracts for Clients and Contractors
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Natalie Sulimani
April 20, 2022

After resolving what name would sell to your audience, the next step is to consider having the right contract for clients and contractors. A nursing staffing agency is prone to a bi-fold risk since it goes into contractual relationships with two groups. The Hospital requesting nursing services being the client, and the independent Nurses – the contractor.  

Like every other contract, the rights and obligations of all parties must be explicitly stated to avoid disputes while the contract is in operation. You will find out what makes the right contract with each party in this piece; keep reading!

Agency: Clients Contract

With proper reference to local laws, an agency-client contract should include the following.

  • Services to be Delivered and the Associated Terms: There must be a clear description of the services your agency would be rendering to the consulting hospitals and the basis of delivery, be it day-to-day or as required. Also, be explicit about the conditions under which those services would be rendered. For instance, for the sake of orderliness and proper administration, an agency-client contract should include what must be in every written request from hospitals, like the required qualifications (RN, LPN, and/or NA), the span of service, and the proposed remuneration.
  • Duration and Termination of Contract: State the dates through which the contract shall be in force. Also, include conditions under which the contract could be terminated
  • Responsibilities of Each Party and Terms: Lastly, for an agency-client contract, state the obligations of each party and the penalty should any default in his contractual roles. In addition, the payment/compensation terms, procedures for making claims, requisite supporting details for claims, insurance coverage for losses, all these should be well described.

Agency: Contractors Contract

When making contracts with contractors, three main items must be established – your agency’s services, the terms of the agreement, and the responsibilities of both parties. Let’s briefly look at each.

  • Services: A well-written agency-contractor contract must spell out the services your company renders to clients, which of course translates to what the Nurses would be doing and consequently paid for. It should include all the services you have agreed to render to your clients and any other additional service you would require from the independent nurses, like assessing new clients for the agency and training the client’s in-house healthcare staff.
  • Terms of Agreement: Be clear on your terms. For instance, details like the minimum working hours per shift, the least number of shifts, either weekly or monthly and the remuneration should be well stated. And if the nature of your services demands exclusivity from the Nurses, it must be captured in your contract terms.
  • Responsibilities of Both Parties: Finally, spell out the obligations of both parties and the penalty in the occurrence of default.

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Final Thoughts

For every contract with clients and contractors, you should ensure the best of the provisions of local laws that risks are either kicked out, mitigated, or adequately catered for in your legal agreement.

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